At the time being, Maxie is a key player in the confectionery sector in Indonesia. Our company based in south Jakarta and have been operated for over than 20 years and still counting. The company was specialized in graphic and creative design only at the first start. With our loyal existing clients, we maintain our service and expand our business into a bigger range and resulted in higher demand. Hence, we decided to focus on confectionery and tailored goods production. Our existing clients are mainly big corporation and the numbers keep increasing from year by year,  including companies in hospitality sectors, financial services, oil ad gas, and even governmental business.

Within the varied world of fast moving manufacturing enterprise,Maxie known for its exceptional and premium quality products in no time. We actively respond to new trends and continue building on the foundation of authentic and classy design. Maxie endeavours to offer broadest range of tailored product experience to the widest target companies within the confectionery market, Through the sustainable use of premium raw materials.

we offers only genuine fabrics to delivers the best sewing products and ready to be distributed to your beloved colleagues or clients.

we can not wait to hear from you to be a part of our journey and feel our exciting sewing product experience.

image source :, Fine art America